Tuesday, 29 March 2011


             In Pakistan there are four Provinces i.e. Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Baluchistan. Each Province has a Police Force commanded by the Inspector General of Police who is assisted by the Additional Inspector General of Police Deputy Inspectors General of Police in ranges Superintendents of Police in all districts Deputy Superintendents of Police and Assistant Superintendents of Police in the Sub Divisions and Station House Officers Incharge in each Police Station. Every Police Station is a unit of criminal administration and comprising of one Inspector or Sub Inspector as Incharge Stations House Officer assisted by Assistant Sub Inspectors Head Constables and Constable.


There are two categories of Police Stations i.e. urban Police Station and Rural Police Station. Urban Police Stations have more than 100 Officers and men along with few women Police Officers. In five capitals of the federation and provinces there are separate women Police Stations working since 1994.

                 Punjab is the largest Province having over 600 Police Stations in the Province; rest of the three Provinces has about 600 Police Stations. Punjab has One Hundred Thousand Police Force including Officers and Men of all ranks and civilian staff to assist them. Islamabad Capital Territory Police, Northern Area Police, Azad Jumu & Kashmir Police, Pakistan Railway Police and Pakistan Motorway Police are smaller Police establishments. Federal Investigation Agency is yet another department of police which is mix of police and other technocrats but is essentially police organization. A sizable number of Anti Narcotics Force is also taken form various police establishments. In all there are about 250000 Police Force members in the Pakistan. But the administration of criminal justice is the responsibility of the Provincial Police departments only.


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