Tuesday, 29 March 2011

CAR SAFETY PLAN,STAKE HOLDERS,Manufactures,Car Dealers,Owners,Excise Department,Police,Security Appliance Dealers

Following are the Stake Holders of this plan.
Car Dealers
Excise Department
Security Appliance Dealers

         Experience has shown that Suzuki & Toyota make cars are the most vulnerable due to their defective lock systems (door and ignition) which provides the thieves with an easy opportunity to steal them. If the manufacturers realize and improve the said lock system and also install a reliable inbuilt security instruments in these vehicles, their theft will fall down. For this purpose manufacturing units are being approached.
   A sizeable number of citizens purchase second hand cars and very often get trapped in the deal of a stolen car and eventually lose both the car and their money. To avoid this malady the second hand car dealers have been briefed to get the said cars checked through police computer record and the Forensic Science Laboratory.

» OWNERS    The primary responsibility of securing the vehicle rests with the owner. As said earlier he has invested huge amount of money in the purchase of a car therefore, he should make a genuine deal after getting the car cleared from police computer record and forensic science laboratory where after, he should protect it by installing a security device and common sense approach.

»  EXCISE DEPARTMENT    The Excise and Taxation Officer, has been apprised of the impending danger of re-registration of stolen cars and solicited to get clearance of vehicles from our computer record and forensic science laboratory before transferring this vehicle in the name of subsequent owner/purchaser especially in case of vehicle from other districts.

» SECURITY APPLIANCE DEALERS    The dealers can play a very important role if they could market the security gadgets properly and professionally. In this connection police can assist and coordinate with these dealers who could supply the quality gadgets at economical and affordable prices.

» POLICE    Since the Police is responsible for prevention and detection of vehicle theft, therefore, they have to play an active role as stakeholder. The ACLC (Anti Car Lifting Cell) of Islamabad Police, Pakistan has chalked out the strategy to identify the gangs involved in carjacking and to carry out their surveillance.


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