Tuesday, 29 March 2011


               Every year around 11000 vehicles worth Rs.2.00 billion are stolen in Pakistan. The stolen vehicles are either resold to innocent buyers or used in some nefarious activity. It has been recorded that stolen vehicles are used to facilitate heinous crimes like murder, robbery/dacoity, kidnapping/abduction, drug trafficking etc. It is, therefore, logical that the owner/user of such a vehicles is ostensibly linked with the crime and the poor fellow is caught between two fires; one earlier loss of the vehicle and the other getting the burden of proving his innocence with respect to the crime committed in which his stolen vehicle was used. In both the cases victims are the innocent citizens.
        The motor vehicle is probably the second largest investment most of us make and due to carelessness and lethargy do not protect it and when it is lost we are pained and repent. A study carried out reveals that 60% car thieves are bailed out within a month of the incident or earlier to join again the cycle of car theft. This warrants a serious thought to amend the relevant law for a deterrent effect. Any one individual or agency working alone cannot prevent the crime. It is always the collaborative efforts of all the stake holders that pay dividends. It requires the police and citizens to work in partnership to check the possibility of such an occurrence. It goes without saying that opportunity is an inalienable component for perpetration of an offence.
            There is a considered view that every offender seeks and tries to find an opportunity to actuate his designs. If this opportunity is denied, his malafide intention remains abortive. The community policing strategy, policing for prevention, provides many ways for police and community to work together to prevent crime and build safer neighbor-hoods. This plan deals with one of those efforts in collaboration for saving the cars from being stolen and offers few security tips and a number of other services useful for avoiding being trapped in doubtful investment. The number and kind of security device needed for vehicle varies depending on type of the vehicle and demographic location. Financial position and personal preferences also count in selecting such an implement for the vehicle. In view of all these circumstances the Capital Territory Police, Islamabad Pakistan has initiated Car Safety Plan (CSP).
» Concept:   The basic theme of this service devolves on the concept of “target hardening” adopted the world over as a successful strategy. The essence of the concept is to fortify target vulnerable to crime and thus deny opportunity to the criminal to offend against them.


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